Nonkululeko Godana

Nonkululeko Godana

Nonkululeko Godana – Dreaming Wide Awake (Sept 20,2009)

06:16 PM In closing … Tino & Papi, Kanyi, Afrika, Thobekile, Nkuli, etc. & all else @ the www.PAN AFRICAN SPACE

Dream on…

05:22 PM Tino is on the deck to come up next.

05:19 PM Mike is up now with the Hip-Hop beats in the background.

04:56 PM The Poet Bulelwa Basse is now on the Microphone.

04:51 PM And another for this fantastic sister. It is called Ubuntu.

04:48 PM Now she is doing a song on this country’s patriots.
Listen for the names.
She says in her research for this song, only one lived to be 50 years of age.

04:43 PM Thobekile is now doing a song she wrote called My People
and Papi has now joined her with his guitar.

04:40 PM Thobelile has joined Zama on a song poetic duet.
Thobelile is the Rasta sister who is keeping us fed on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

04:34 PM Oh, almost forgot… Zama is doing his poetry in Xhosa.
One of the 11 or 12 official languages of South Africa.

Now Nonkululeklo is speaking with Zama who is translating in English his poem.

04:31 PM Zama is on stage now doing his poetry thing.

04:29 PM That was Papi and Junior doing a great duet. They are both from DRC.

03:55 PM A little break in the poetic action.
Ntone on the turntables. Which means he is playing vinyl.
It’s a wonderfully beautiful day in Cape Town, here at 44 Long Street.
You should join us…
And remember the password is PASS.
You don’t have to use it to get in or anything…well unless Anthony is at the door. Then he may ask you for the password of PASS.
Quite as it’s kept, he will let anyone in, password or not.

03:40 PM Nonkululeklo is back inviting poets for participation.
Meanwhile she is back in converstion with Wendy.
Maybe there will be a poem coming out of this conversation.

03:35 PM Wendy and Nonkululeklo in conversation.

Now Wendy is doing a woman poem.

03:28 PM This is Wendy. The first piece was backed up by Junior.
right now Ntone has put a backing track to the wonderful Wendy. Poet for all.

03:12 PM Junior is back, backing Nonkululeklo.
But first Junior is singing about a woman he met a while back.

03:09 PM Ernestine is in poetic converstion with Nonkululeko

02:48 PM Junior is back with his guitar. Doin the solo thing right now…
Stay tuned and see what else is happenin

Bridget and Junior Kisangwa doin the thing(s)

02:44 PM Word – sound – soul/powa. Check.
Right now Julian Kissongo on voice & guitar – LIVE @ PASS. Come by – it’s free. and we nice.

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