Manu Dibango

DOUALA SERENADE – a 24-hour tribute to Manu Dibango | 26 June 2020

From 6pm (Central African Time) this Friday, 26 June 2020, PASS presented “Douala Serenade”, a 24 hour wake for our departed father. A tribute to the generous genius always forward-movement of the great Manu Dibango, Sango ‘a mboa.

All music written, arranged, produced, performed by Manu, plus interviews and stories from Jihan El Tahri, Bintou Simpore, Steve Gordon, Simon Njami, Dread Amala, Rhoda Isaacs, Pascale Obolo, Amandine Nana, Funsho Ogundipe, Lionel Manga, Rashid Lombard, Hilaire Akollo, Samuel Nja Kwa, Tania Adams, Les Nubians and Ray Lema…

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