Lagartijas tiradas al sol

PASS in Mexico: Lagartijas tiradas al sol


Lagartijas tiradas al sol will be residents of the Pan African Space Station LIVE from Mexico City from 15 – 19 November, everyday from 16:00 – 20:00 (CDT). Tune in via

Lagartijas tiradas al sol is a performance arts collective founded in 2003 directed by Luisa Pardo and Gabino Rodríguez. Their improvisatory projects, based primarily on autobiographical, historical and social research, are aimed and providing/ deconstructing meaning, and articulating/unraveling everyday practices of work and life. 

For PASS in Mexico, Lagartijas tiradas al sol will create a sound piece from more than 11 years of stage work on historical, political and social issues in Mexico. Working with the meeting points of the theater and the museum (the first by nature ephemeral, the second historically linked to the preservation of objects), the collective will interrogate the creation of  the archive by treating the museum as a rehearsal room and spontaneous presentation/representation space.

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