We’re delighted to host a listening with Lagos born, Pitori based rapper/producer Damola Owolade on PASS, Friday, 24 November from 7pm.

Damola is one-half of the celebrated Pan Africanist prog-rap-folk duo Deep Dive Set, who harness the archaeological function of the hip-hop art form: excavating samples like fossils, fragments of forgotten history resurrected and immortalized by the very act of their discovery.

The raw materials of Damola’s production come from sakara, apala, juju, fuji, highlife and other sounds in the deep-deep Yoruba arkive, which he chops and envelops in dubwise pieces. His lyricism too borrows from African oratures, blending afro-spirituals with socio-political commentary.

Damola will share the roots and fruits of this process live on PASS – oya, tune in from 7pm

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