Bamba Al Mansour

PASS in Amsterdam: Jimmy Rage


Femi Dawkins aka Jimmy Rage is a Jamaican-born visual artist, poet and musician based in Amsterdam. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Jimmy Rage is interested in the nature of fractured narratives and autobiographical tales that cross borders, and imagines our identities as “open-ended loops feeding backwards and forwards”, rather than linear stories with clear endings.

Jimmy Rage wrote and starred in The Afro Galactic Dream Factory, an ‘Afrotechno vocal symphony’ that was staged in Cape Town in 2013. Rage also Screams Through the Galaxy in the latest issue of the Chimurenga Chronic, The Corpse Exhibition and Older Graphic Stories. 

Jimmy Rage, joined by Bamba Al Mansour, will be on PASS in Amsterdam on Monday 12 December 16:00 -18:00.

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