Baloji and Dizzy Mandjeku

Discussions and improvisations between Baloji and guitar legend Dizzy Mandjeku.

baloji and dizzy

baloji and dizzy 1

Next up: the final chapter of Moziki na Quartier.

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PASS in Paris: Kongo Astronauts

Invented in 2013, Kinshasa-based crew, Kongo Astronauts imaginatively step through visual concepts, sounds, texts, space and time. Their urban or rural landings explore the sparcity of terrains along with postcolonial realities and dilemmas. Whether at Zongo Falls, the streets of Kin la Belle, or in music videos by Konono No.1 or Baloji, Kongo Astronauts as SPARCK say: “cannot be pinned down as art, [they] cannot be policed by an art world intimately linked to the structures of power that govern us.” …  ( continue reading

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PASS in Paris: Dizzy Mandjeku

Papa Dizzy heads up the Odemba OK Jazz All Stars, a big band keeping Congolese rhumba traditions alive: “Franco style”. In the 1970s, Mandjeku joined Franco’s famed TPOK Jazz band where he honed his melodic guitar playing. As well as his TPOK Jazz years, Mandjeku has played regularly and recorded with Sam Mangwana (as part of L’African All Stars) and Zap Mama. For our PASS Pop-UP in Paris, Papa Dizzy will be present a mini-concert-lecture with Baloji.  ( continue reading

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PASS in Paris: Baloji

Lubumbashi-born, Brussels-based Baloji has been turning heads with his wordplay and styles since joining Belgian hip-hop crew Starflam Collective as a teenager. As a solo artist he released Hotel Impala in 2008, then reinterpreted the album in 2010 with Kinshasa Succursale including collaborations with Zaïko Langa Langa, Konono N°1, and Amp Fiddler. Baloji’s latest venture saw him travel again in DRC. “Capture”, the first song released from his 64 Bits & Malachite EP, is co-produced with Olugbenga and features Muanza and …  ( continue reading

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