Street Interviews…Woodstock

First the Sex Worker…then the Cab Driver.



  1. I’m using various cuts from both Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Miles Davis in the background for these excerpts from interviews i did a while ago with Street Sex Workers.

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  2. Yes, she is taking a bath in my bathtub while i’m interviewing her.
    Hey, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors

    …and my essence is that of a Recordist. Like a war photographer, i will get the story.

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  3. So, we’re gonna go from this view of a segment of Cape Town reality to an interview i did the other night with a cab driver who drove me home late one night.

    But first the final comment from the Worker.

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  4. Right after Rahsaan and crew finish ThemeFor The Eulipions

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  5. This is Trevor the Cab Driver by night and like so many others, many other things by day, including an expert on Baseball.

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  6. This is PlanBe Soul Housing Project from a couple of weeks back.
    Authentic Cape Town Music…

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  7. Since it’s only Pam and me in the studio right now, we are programming these transmissions.

    You have hear what that means so far with the street interviews of a Sex Worker and then an interview with a cab driver on Baseball.

    Now Pam is about to put on a morning movie on Afro-Punk, as it is called.
    I do know, have seen some of the acts: Fishbone, 24-7 Spyz, Bad Brains…
    Being music director of a New York radio station tends to broaden your horizons.

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