Soul Housing Project at PASS 2010

In PASS’s third year of transmission, Soul Housing Project joined us. Listen back to a track on the video below. Before we broadcast their 2014 live styles just now, we asked SHP’s frontman, Sakhile Moleshe, to recall then:

“It was almost the beginning of winter and we were just starting to feel that anxiety that winter brings for musicians in this city. Cold, wet and windy emotions bouncing back and forth like torrents of liquefied furnace fires fueled the blaze burning inside our desire to find a space… a place to lay wreaths at the alters of our forgotten dreams. We were mesmerized by our own music, by what we had the power to create and it was time to share that with our people. Not just any people though but a community of passersby who would gather at this ritual place out of pure curiosity, divine intuition, exclusive invitation or sheer “crash the gate” style fervor. We had just landed at the Pan African Space Station, which in 2010 could be found on Long Street.

We found ourselves placed right in the centre of a creative space which only demanded that we relate the true embodiment of our endeavors. We were born ready but before this day we had not had many a chance to be exposed to the caliber of crowd who gathered there to receive us. So we played music, we allowed people to share and witness our most intimate of conversations, though the tongue had not yet formed such an eloquent taste for elaborate musical cohesion as we enjoy today.

In hindsight, what you can expect to see on Tuesday the 29th of April is merely an extension of what we sought to achieve when we entered that time and space.”


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