Somewhat rested

Well that party didn’t last through the night like i thought it would…


  1. But today is a new day.

    First dj in gets to spin…

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  2. Actually, since i’m here i should play something but i’d rather just do this editing so that it will be done.

    Soon, the PASS archives will be something to behold (or listened to as it were.

    I like the mix going on now. So i’ll leave our playlist going while toiling away.

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  3. I’m somewhat rested, my blood pressure this last night before calapsing on the bed was something like 69/35; and this morning it was 135/59.
    Now i’m just waiting for breakfast.

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  4. …Food still being cooked…so i fished the little baggie i had in my pouch that has been with me since my early 90’s travel-in-earnest phase of my life…retrieved the one-third of a joint, commonly called known as a “roach.”

    Wouldn’t you know it…no flame!
    No light…
    No way to create the smoking of paper, with glue, with high blood pressure medicine.

    Gotta go out and get a lighter…
    Cape Town is a quite town on a beautiful sun/shined Sunday morning.

    I get the blue-colored one; the cooks need a lighter anyway…

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  5. Back at the transmission desk —I get a revelatory flash i manage to grab.
    Since CD 2 is giving me problems, i would just do the NOMMO Radio thing between exchanging…

    Gotta go; food ready, or as we used to say in the ghetto; “Mamma cookin soup”

    audiodramatist ( update )


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