Seth Paris (Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble & Ayetoro)

Seth Paris (Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble & Ayetoro) live on PASS radio

Deep Cuts, Awesome tapes and unique field recordings brought to you by the National Gentlemen’s Trust. Music from from Madagascar, Ghana, Togo, Central Africa and Cote d’Ivoire collected around Ghana during 2007-2008.



01 Marcel Akory Ataoko Anao (Marcel, What Can I Do For You) Tys-an-Jaza
02 Somaiko Somainao, from Aza Ariano Jaojoby
03 Eyes of the Fawn Guy Warren of Ghana with the Red Saunders Orchestra under the direction of Gene Esposito
04 Dabre Obia Awuo Koo Nimo
05 Ya Amponsah Gudis and Spatz
06 Unknown Melo Togo
07 Nyamenco F. Kenya
08 Emelia Nana Ampadu I and his African Brothers Band Int.
09 Revolver Unknown
10 Kobota Elengi Kobokolo Mpasi Franklin Boukaka
11 Unknown Ernesto Djedje
12 Excerpt from the cassette Soukous Dynamit
13 Kugbe Cecilia’s Parish School Brass Band of Ho
14 NPP Presidential Rally, August 29th, 2008 Rock of Ages Brass Band recorded by Seth Paris
15 BFBF Akoya AFrobeat Ensemble
16 Ganja Farmer ?
17 Cocody Rock Alpha


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