satellite sessions

sounds of Cape town


  1. bit rusty on the satelite controls… captain kyle shepherd takes over controls, tells me to replenish my groove at the ghoema store…

    opened transmission “uit die chachies” – mannenberg is where its at comes through from dollar… is soe!

    grand daddy tete mbambisa followed with dembese

    boeta Gee ( update )
  2. mannenberg channeled again – brother b on sax… gumede drives the bass… odds on

    boeta Gee ( update )
  3. funky funky chicken!

    - neo
  4. mulibwanji… what did you just call me… chapita

    boeta Gee ( update )
  5. getting into the soul of the city with city soul…

    zacks tells me we’re half and half…

    ojah – i’ve got the afrobeat blues

    boeta Gee ( update )
  6. flip swing with brice wassy… you like? check him at pan african space station live: 29 sep at the slave church on long street or 01 oct at albert hall, woodstock

    boeta Gee ( update )
  7. hacked mulatu’s stream thru jozi… captured his mood

    soul jazz orchestra “negus negast”

    on rotation – karl hector scours the sahara and kicks it with the malcouns, will follow their path to past, present and future

    boeta Gee ( update )
  8. jazz rock fusion chanelling past present and future through the demon fuzz….

    boeta Gee ( update )
  9. mogale about to take the controls… if he can get away from tripping out on this jam…

    boeta Gee ( update )


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