Rashida Bumbray with Dr. Segun Shabaka

rashida“The primary driving force behind the International African Arts Festival is family – immediate, extended, community and global.” International African Arts Festival, Mission Statement

Curator and choreographer, Rashida Bumbray hosts a conversation with Dr Segun Shabaka, Chairperson of the International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn (1971-2015).

Started as a venture of independent African-centered education centres, The East and Uhuru Sasa Shule, the 43-year-old annual Brooklyn International African Arts Festival celebrates African art with music, dance, storytelling, handcrafted goods, and food vendors.


Rashida Bumbray is a curator and choreographer living and working in New York. Her recent project Funk, God, Jazz, and Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn, engaged how self-determination can be achieved through the claiming and holding of a neighborhood–but also from radical local battles for land and dignity from the 1960s to today.

Dr. Segun Shabaka is a Brooklyn-based educator, activist and writer. He is the Chairperson of the International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn (1971-2015).


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