Raps Reloaded

A poetry meets street Xhosa verse session. Molweni!



  1. so we getting into the mood with some cool sounds ” bilal’ while the duo is setting up on stage, so where ever you are if listerning…
    this is where to be!!

    wendy ( update )
  2. Ill brother is on onother tip here, so if you listerning you’ll know what i’m talking about.

    so if you are around cape Town you know where u got be, come join us.

    wendy ( update )
  3. Ian kamau, up in here claiming he’s “missunderstood” and if you tunud up about him you’ll sure know that, that is the name of the track

    wendy ( update )
  4. Sim busy interview Words untame ( Sane ” Sanelisiwe” and Hodiel. from PE who just came to Cape Town in just the right time.
    they just release their CD which is called sessons.

    And they claiming that their music is their first love.

    wendy ( update )
  5. Sane is a bit Shy but hodiel is getting her into the mood, talk about team work hey

    wendy ( update )
  6. if you Do not now who is playing now, then you have not been listerning. if tou have, then yep you got it right, It words untame. Ewe kaloku
    the song is called double you

    and after the maspyke and song is “minds”, so tell me where your mind is at?

    wendy ( update )
  7. the duo has started singing now, wow… wow wow wow!! just like that these guys are dope like that.

    yep it’s words untame

    wendy ( update )
  8. you the one who’s got to do what no one don’t want to do…
    are you listerning to that that, FIRE up in here.
    PASS like no other man

    i tell you

    wendy ( update )
  9. so becouse it was to hot in here we had to take a break from all that fire.
    so here we cooling up with

    Pete kuzma ft bilal “don’t”
    Rashid hadee “sarender”
    bilal Salam ” So what’

    and we’ll be back whit the interview

    wendy ( update )
  10. so we back to the duo and they have just expained to us what it really means to be Vegan, mmmm

    and we back with the music.

    starting up with KONKE

    wendy ( update )
  11. wow these people have the most beautifull voices i tell, wish i could sing like that

    i see sane dancing so no more shyness. lol

    wendy ( update )
  12. OOOOOOOOOOhh my favourate song NDONWABILE..
    now that’s the song i always put on repeat at home. their CD is so amizing. i see people in the studio a taken by this Duo.

    wendy ( update )
  13. nuhum just suprised ue.
    he sang, the brother can sing. and wow to that.

    this is BEE[ [wendy] and i’m singing out from

    RAPS Reloaded.

    catch us nex week same time same place

    peace. [Nahum; Sim; Wendy]

    One love

    wendy ( update )


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