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08:00 PM next week Monday, same time, same place with us RAPS Reloaded Edutainment. Nahum, Afrika, Sim and Wendy on the HOSTMENT, and thanking our music selector Siya and our loveable guests. We thank and love you for turning with us…1luv, i’m out…WORD

07:57 PM WE’RE ABOUT TO CLOSE THE SHOW BUT ITS HOOOOOOOOT YHEA, flowing/flying up but we’ll always remain down earth. pay attention but dont explode your mind. Nahum is giving us his fruits of life LIVE on stage, we need remedy.
we suffer the Qualification desease, Power n Position infection, Experience bacteria in this life from our Governnance ruling, share your view about this Ruling that rules our world. its [YAH], [GOD] world people, whats with this obsession that is killing us and our future. thanks to our brother Nahum for such beautiful perfomance.

07:37 PM We have Topaz performing livenow, telling the WORD. poetic lives we live here i must say, next ones now is Uzwi Kantu from EKHAYELITSHA. We got skills, wow what a good perfomance we have here. Got a homework, We have our sister Elise Fernandas performing live and now its our brother Ncedisa giving us thee poetic WORD. BIKO BIKO BIKO is realy not resting in peace, we gotta talk people.

07:15 PM we are having a hot debate, our guests viewing their opinions, we have people from all over the world. it’s realy good. the show is great, people are conscious and its real great to see people talking sense.

07:13 PM Afrika is my name and i’ll tell you my understanding of this confusion of Hip-hop breaking in to pieces, lets revolutionize people, lets not be lazy to use our minds, lets be realistic, stop trying to fit somewhere, be independed in making decisions. i don’t mean you shouldn’t ask for advice but ”think” and ofcourse what grows you is the environment that surrounds you, from your experiences. You can experience by seing, doing, thinkink, hearing from others experiences, thats how you list your experiences, not only what happens to you or what you tend to happen. its all about not being lazy to use our minds people.

07:05 PM Spaza in a name given after the small shops from GHETTO and today its music, whow. we trying to solve this confusion of ”better spaza than hip-hop/ better hip-hop than spaza”, we need your view and tell us from your understanding whats the difference between the two Genres.

07:01 PM We have another brother called PHURA, one of the great poets performing live on your radio [PAN AFRICAN SPACE STATION] Hosted by RAPS RELOADED EDUTAINMENT n RIVIVAL OF THE HEADS.

06:59 PM We have our brother SNAKS performing live on stage, all the way from EKHAYELITSHA, one of our small locations from Cape Town. the brother is good, we have the talent but the question is ”do we get the support we’re suppose to get from our comunities, countries, towns and the world?” because what we push is TRUTH MUSIC for living people.

06:51 PM What are yor views about this confusion?
Is there any difference inbetween the two Genres?

06:46 PM TOPAZ is one of our guests all the way from DURBAN, he enlighten/explain to us how SPAZA n HIP-HOP differentiate.
This topic is very interesting as we have a hot debate trying to find out ”WHAT” is this ”whatever they call it” devides our artists
because its all HIP-HOP at the end.
Is it about the language you’re using to rap or is it where you come from, what is it?

06:39 PM We have our brother SIM [THE REAL BINARY] and NAHUM [THE REAL PROPHET] on live stage introducing todays show and they are interviewing our guests, hows SPAZA different from HIP-HOP. We have one of our guests ZANDZOLO and Mncedisi explaining to us what/how do they define the two and what is the difference.

06:22 PM RAPS Reloaded Edutainment and Rivival of the heads is the name of our show, its a welcoming of one another between our guest as they speak the same ”WORD” [MUSIC].
is our hosters names.

06:10 PM we have our guests that will be performing later live on stage.
Todays show is based on REDIFINING hip-hop, origins of spaza music and origins of hip-hop. It’s a battle between the two genres of music so stay tuned.

06:05 PM Welcome to RAPS Reloaded Edutainment, one of our blessed brothers Nahum is opening the show for us playing a song from our Beloved brothers from the band Usiba Noncwadi–Izuka.
from us to u, welcome again, we are grateful that you tuned in and support our show.


  1. Thank you for bringing me the 2nd RR night I have missed since leaving the creativity of the western cape. Keep rocken and amplifying your light my friends.

    xo peace

    - Jess


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