Plan Be- Housing Project

With DJ Xolisa- Soullife with commentary from BokaniDyer and Sakhile Moleshe.


  1. Plan be-Soul Housing Project

    Whether you’re a broken soul,torn soul, soulful soul, joyful soul, inspired soul,lost soul or a playful soul. There is a place for you in the music.Plan Be is the Soul housing project. We are here to provide a sanctuary for your soul in music.

    Plan Be- Soul Housing Project ( update )
  2. Audiodramatist: Hey, you ripping off Timmy Thomas with that track of Thunder Love…
    Plan Be: Who the #$##is Timmy Thomas?
    Audiodramatist: You youngsters better learn…Why you think they came up wit all those search engines? Just Why Can’t We Live Together
    Plan Be:We live and we learn on the battfield aluta continua!!!!!

    Plan Be- Soul Housing Project ( update )
  3. Dj Xee (Soul Life) on the decks with Plan Be – a soul housing project with a bangin’ mix! Keep it locked… Plan Be performing LIVE at the Pan African Space Station same time next week!

    Plan Be- Soul Housing Project ( update )
  4. ‘Digital World’ by Plan Be on SoundCloud:

    Plan Be- Soul Housing Project ( update )
  5. When are you guys performing again? Would really like to hear you music.

    - Me.


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