past PASS broadcasts

…until Andy Williams at 1pm


  1. This is Brendan Bussy, he’s killed at PASS before and tonight he returns with his free form compositions. Garth Erasmus and Niklas Zimmer join him in his ‘mad scientist’ measure, cook, mix and plot, plot, plot session.

    Join us at 8pm.

    - Pam
  2. You are listening to Brendon, who you’ll hear live tonight with a couple of other cats at 8pm.
    It will be worth your while if you are close to 44 Long Street to check them out.

    And just for you folks on the balcony who partake in the libations from the cash bar, and have riveting conversations as the live music goes on in the presentation space, imma gonna play the music through our balcony speakers loud, real loud.

    I’ll be behind the transmission desk and groovin to the sounds in surround-a-sound, i think will be therapeutic.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  3. Okay, i’m going over to my blog posting.

    Limbe is going to be featuring a concert today, so be sure to tune in at 4pm.
    After, i’ve invited Pierre to come back and DJ again like he did last week….

    audiodramatist ( update )


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