PASS in Amsterdam: Amal Alhaag & Maria Guggenbichler

Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler present: Radio Count Your Blessings

“Some of us bake wonderfully, write, paint, do any number of things, have facilities with numbers that others don’t have. Those are your blessings. Some of us are very strong and candid and some of us are nurturers or combinations of all of those things. Just be aware of what your particular things are and nurture them and use them toward a positive way of living. That’s simply what I meant.”— Essex Hemphill

Count Your Blessing is a radio show/ a sonic celebration of the art of circulating friendships, names, references, empath and finances.

To count your blessings is to broadcast raw and radical spoken word, thoughts, laughter music, poetry and love that is rooted and embedded in black, queer and feminist sound cultures.

Maria Guggenbichler thinks, laughs, pranks, dances, plays, collaborates, doubts, listens, talks, walks, organizes, publishes and hides, works, not works, spoils the broth, cooks and eats with others, friends and fellow strangers.

Amal Alhaag lives and works in Amsterdam. Since 2008, her projects and collaborations with people and institutions invite, stage, question and play with ‘uncomfortable‘ issues that riddle, rewrite, occupy, share and compose narratives in impermanent settings.



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