The Writer’s Stokvel is in residence, plus studio guests.



  1. Greetings people at home! Welcome to ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’

    Lovely start to the PASS 1 PASS ALL session by Bagale with music.

    You just heard:

    ‘Invocation’ by Common
    ‘Didncha Know’ by Erykah Badu

    Now playing: ‘Wally Headache’ by Cymande

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  2. ‘You can’t blame the youth’ by Peter Tosh
    ‘Mayino’ by Simphiwe Dana

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  3. Nonkululeko just opened up with a poem called ‘Writer’s Block’ – about a young person navigating the school system.

    Luthando from the LoveLife project opened up.

    Paula – a social activist from ARASA organisation gave us a couple of poems about youth and change… Lessons of the Youth and Change

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  4. well i just performed it was great this is a really cool and inspiring platform, i hope it continues for many years and thank you to all that made this possible…andyee

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  5. Andiswa, thank you.

    We’ve also had an amazing discussion about the effectiveness (or none) of OBE school system.

    Hejin Kim from Korea has also perfomed poetry and spoken about the catalyst for her poetry.

    We’ve also had a musical break by Bagale….

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  6. Brigitte Neumaker and Kissangwa Mbouta are doing a piece together that they did in 2009, when they first met on this stage. Track called ‘Hiding’ – sounds so sweet!

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  7. Brigitte and Kissangwa are currently busy in studio producing Brigitte’s album.

    Bagale played ‘Inkwenkwezi’ from Simohiwe Dana’s latest album ‘Kulture Noir.

    Simphiwe Dana’s in studio conVERSEation with Jennifer Bryant, editorial assistant at ‘Chimurenga magazine’.

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  8. Please buy Simphiwe Dana’s latest album, ‘Kulture Noir’… a simply divine creation.

    Nonkululeko ( update )
  9. I think the young lady is an example of the problems with education. Abstract references to no specific individuals or body’s, sounds like there’s a lot of work to be done.

    - Juju queen
    • Thanks for the feedback Juju Queen. Hope the young lady was inspired to find knowledge of self and study harder…

      Tune into the show next week show on Nature.

      - Nonkululeko


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