Morning Movie

It’s morning in Cape Town and NOMMO Radio is giving you Woodstock


  1. Jamming Pass Radio live in Art Jamming studio (The art of paintertainment) @ Cape Quarter, Greenpoint…when does the music begin after the movie(?):)(*)…

    - **Cape Cinnamon**
    • hey cape cinnamon.. boeta gee comes in with the beats in about 1 hour from now

      - pambilli
  2. Ah-h-h, Joe Crocker as we knew him.
    Remember this is 1969.

    - Anonymous
  3. By the way, these morning movies are dedicated to the memory of my friend and colleague from our years at WBAI-FM, Pacifica radio, in New York…
    Paul Wunder – peace and blessings on his eternal soul.

    Paul passed many years ago; however he is never far from my thoughts. He hosted a program over the airwaves of ‘bai called Soundtrack. It came on at 5am on Sunday mornings.
    He would play film (music) soundtracks.

    There is a possibility i may play a film he gave me for a special a crew i had done in 1984.

    Tuesday morning will probably be the last Morning Movie i do as we will use this space to play the live concerts of the previous night’s offering at from PASS…

    We’ll see….

    - T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
  4. War then…as it is now.
    Nothing changes…the arms people make their CASH and young people die for their profits.

    And then what happens… Young people come home with drug habits.

    Don’t get me started…

    - T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
  5. Okay, here we go. The film really takes off from here…

    - T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
  6. Just heard some PASS gossip, not that we are into such things…
    Carlow Santana and Cindy Blackman got married eariler this year.

    Only gossip ’cause i’m too lazy to even search engine it…what must that household be like.

    - T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
  7. Here he is; We comin to da close.

    Ladies and Gents….

    - T (from thePatterson's takingthetraintoTibet.)
  8. One last thing, the editing team for this film included one, Martin Charles Scorsese.

    - boeta Gee


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