Morning movie followed by G&D

This documentary on MalcolmX will prepare you for G&D


  1. This is a 1972 documentary film on the times and mindset around the era of the one born Malcolm Little who after a stint in prison for criminal activity became Malcolm X; eventually developing to the one known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

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  2. Good morningz! I have no idea where this post is going to but I’m hoping to reach somebody at the fantabulous Space Station. I’m trying to find out about a film/documentary that will (apparently) be viewing on Thursday. The Jazzart trainees would like to attend. What time is it? Happy days. *T*

    - Tamaryn
    • Let’s see…
      Thursday night at 9pm we are showing Prodigal Son.
      Pam just posted a news item on this, just go to the news tab and you’ll see what’s what.

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  3. You heard Nina Simome doing her compostition “Revolution”, which was a response to the John Lennon song “Revolution 9.”

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  4. Now you are listening to the in-studio interview Ntone did with G&D.

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  5. So we are going to play the Lange presentation of G&D this afternoon…
    After the Limbe presentation for today.

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  6. So you’re listening to something i recorded at the Democracy Centre at 6 Spin Street back at the end of July of this year. It was a panel on sustainability.

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  7. Woops, not Sustainability; Reconcilation… is what i ment. Recorded on the 30th of July. The Sustainability panel took place on the 31st, which i will play tomorrow.

    And i will tell you now the panel on sustainability was very heavy…loads of knowledge in that session.

    Stay tuned….

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  8. Yes, this is Malombo, at Langa, Saturday afternoon…enjoy

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  9. So, i’m going back and forth between our excellent playlist and some stuff i have in the studio.
    You are listening to Bibi Tanga recorded live at PASS two years ago…at the First PASS.

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  10. Let me take this space here to give mucho appreciation(s)and many thanks to the good and great folks at Eastern Acoustics, who have recorded these live sessions from the first PASS; as you can hear they are not only essential to our family, extended family, and friends…but…
    Damn great recordist, they are.

    Thank goodness for the Soundcraft Soundboard and mixer; and excellent microphones.
    (They know what i’m talkin about.)

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  11. Think after Bibi Tanga i’ll play Don’t Worry, from the Playing For Change project.

    …Even throw in a jingle mash-up betweem me and Limbe

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