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  1. There is nothing i really can say right now.

    We started off the morning with Nina Simone, as is our want; then we have come to this, with the Kyle Shepherd Trio.
    You will hear some comments i got from the great one as he was signing CD’s at the entrance.
    I guess that was his father helping with the sales…

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  2. Next, we will hear the set Theo Parris played at Albert Hall Wednesday night.

    You will hear Theo commenting before his set; then the set and his after comments.

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  3. I just gotta tell you i was a dancin’ fool both on Tuesday night at City Hall and Wednesday night at Albert Hall.

    Tuesday night was truly special as i was dancing in a balcony space to the Studio Kabako amazing offering.
    To explain — When i got out of Graduate School for Playwriting: …all but, dissertation; i when back to the New York theatre scene, which had changed enormously in the 10 year i had been absent with service to the military as well as undergraduate and post graduate studies.

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  4. I didn’t like the scene very much; i had come of age in theatre through the Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s…
    The Black theatre scene exhibited too much nepotism and cronyism for my artistic sensibilities.
    I did find some refuge in off-off Broadway, mainly with small dance companies and light opera companies and a technical group a few of us started to support Black theatre productions associated with the Frank Silvera Writer’s Workshop.

    Through these tasks i found it necessary to take dance classes so i could understand the mentality of dances.
    Dancers are a particular breed apart from the rest of us.
    Possibly because of the short working life span, or even the intensity of the working of their bodies, they tend to indulge in all sorts of abusive acts and behaviors…especially in the early 80’s in New York City.

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  5. But one thing you do get is a pure joy; and more importantly a camaraderie like no other discipline in the arts.

    I was at an Alvin Ailey premier concert at City Center (a favorite stage for companies).
    Those of us in the dance world circles know the best seats for experiencing a performance is the back row; Mainly for perspective purposes.
    For this performance, i’m sitting back there with Folks like the Hines brother and top choreographers of the day…nice.

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  6. So when Ntone interviewed Faustin in the PASS studio/broadcast space before the concert on Tuesday, i knew in my core what was going to happen.

    I am so glad this year i can experience the presentations; the past two years saw me managing the venue managers, which necessitated my doing much running around.

    Anyway, when i got to City Hall i first sat in the fifth row because i wanted to be able to read the text that was going to be projected as part of the performance…

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  7. But right before the performance i was moved to move to the balcony, where no one was, except for Dylan, who was filming for PASS.
    — That would be Dylan Valley, filmmaker, supporter of CapeCodes, and brother to Architect Greer Valley…

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  8. Be right back; gotta pay attention to this transition.

    Especially with this CD machine that is messin with my mix…

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  9. Miles has come through to get content for the podcast(s).

    Since he is usually the first person i see, asside from the security at 44 Long Street… Herbert or George or John.
    He is the person who gets the anthony first energetic verbiage of the day.

    Yeah, i know you’re going…But, Anthony you be talkin to Nina every morn…
    But you should know that is my radio voice with is embodied and released by my ‘nom de voce’; T (from thePatterson’s takingthetraintoTibet)

    Those of you listening in New York, or listened to WBAI, Pacifica radio in the 80’s – 90’s and spottily in this century, will know what i’m taking about…

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  10. So i was tellin’ Miles that when i was Arts Director for WBAI, which means i was the Director of Drama and Literature, the director of the critic (theatre, dance, film…), as well as the music Director…
    When asked what i did…i would say i was in radio, and folks would ask if i was a DJ, and i would say; “No, i’m in charge of the DJ.”
    The reactions to that were precious.

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  11. …I was inviting Miles to the DJ jam we’re organizing for this Saturday After the Langa afternoon presentations.

    He are the parameters as they stand now.
    First and foremost: Only vinyl and CD’s
    –NO laptops or vocal mics —
    Sets will be a minimum of 30 minutes, with an hour on the other end if there is a waiting line for DJ’s.
    DJ’s can go more than an hour if no one is waiting in the wings.

    Anthony further instructions:
    We would like each dj to tell a story with their selection; with the next dj continuing the story musically.
    This is not a competition…we are traveling on the space continuum.
    It is important the transitions make sense.
    The story line alters, of course in the set.

    Of course, this means we have to listen to each other, after all outer space can be a levitating place; or very catastrophic if one does not pay attention to their mates.

    I think that is it. Anthony (that’s me) will begin the proceedings with a cut from Nina Simone.
    If any DJ goes off course during the voyage, anthony will bring us back to course with either Marvin (Gaye) or Nina…

    What follows is the current list of our helm masters —

    Only DJ’s who have spun or will spin on our rig at 44 Long Street:
    – Andy
    – Miles
    – Mighty
    – Kolade
    – Cherry Bomb
    – Mogale
    – Kyla
    – Ntone
    – Neo
    – General Sbu
    – Dala Flat
    – Xee
    – Spouse
    – Buke
    – Pierre
    – Dean
    – Khalid
    – Boeta Gee
    – Rooibos_T
    – Hannah
    – realRozzanno
    – (saint)Martin & Crew
    and special guest –maybe– (G)ermond of G&D

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  12. Oh yeah, did i mention the fact that the voyage will go from the start til the DJ’s drop…
    Talkin’ ’bout through Sunday morn til the afternoon and beyond…if we dare.

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  13. A little Marvin before we go to our excellent Playlist

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  14. So i was on the balcony at City Hall, with Dylan and another crew member of the film staff.
    For some reason they left; and i was there alone the presentation had begun and i was drawn to stand and dance.

    Used to dancing alone, as i am a House kiddie and am used to dancing with the room rather than a person. One i did and do, have (House) dancing partners; Darcine, who now lives in LA, Cali…as does Valicia; Suzanne, who is Brazilian, Lace, who is in New York… and of course all the good people at Club Shelter in New York.

    I need to tell you this…it’s something a mentioned to Theo Parrish, when he told me about an outer body experience he had while in meditation.

    I was in (the) Gambia; there doing a workshop in Audio Drama.
    At that time period in my travels i would carry a cassette tape with me with Bob Marley cuts and Anita Baker on one side of the cassette with the soundtrack of the Roland JoffĂ© film The Mission…

    I also carried a cassette with House music. I had that tape in the portable player, dancing naked with the headphones one, looking in the room’s mirror, when i saw my third eye.
    And it stayed visible, so i knew it was not an illusion; it was as real as my sweaty being.

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  15. So i’m up in the balcony grooving to the music and particularity the guitar work of Flamme Kapaya.

    And i’m getting into it; another film person come up asking me go move out of the space… I really hate film people…i really do.

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  16. Anyway, i’m mirroring what is going on on stage with my own interpretation of the piece…right down to the point where the dancers are topless.
    So i am elevated, i am lifted as the piece continues…right down to (dancer speak here:) the cool-down before the blackness and encore. In the blackness i make my way back downstairs to the orchestra, when they are back on stage and bring the energy to almost an intolerable level.

    I understand why these folks could not get up out of their seats. You have to have strength to rise while this piece is playing out. There were people who were dancing on the sides; however they had gotten up earlier and escaped this phenomena.

    Now i was there feeling what they felt throughout the experience.

    The only other time i ever felt even close to this type of wall of sound was at a (in the 70’s) Return to Forever _Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola, Chick Corea, Lenny White_ Band when they played Ryder College in New Jersey.
    Admittedly, it could have be my altered state at the time…hey, it was the heyday of altering ones state…

    This wall of creativity sent me to places without the aid of any substances. It was pure sound that sent me to, kept me in place now sitting next to my PASS (fraternal) twin, Pam.

    Man what i trip…thank you Studio Kabako

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