Marvin and me…or you

If you’ve been listening since the early morning hours, then you know we’ve played selected songs from the career of Marvin Gaye.

Through out the years, way before his death, i’ve been playing Marvin on the radio. After his transition i have done all kinds of specials on Marvin…very traditional ways of presenting the music and life of the man.

This time around i asked myself the question: Just what does it mean the be a fan or fanatic about a talent such as Marvin? One of the things that crossed my mind has to do with just listening to any song from his catalogue. I mean when What’s Going On came out a wore out the vinyl copy and had to buy another copy. It just seems to me, one gets into a ‘state’ where the individual song no longer matters… What is most importantĀ is the voice and how it works each offering.

So i’ve taken only the Marvin we have on hand, plus a very few other singers singing his compositions and will continue to play them over and over until our poetry session tonight. Then i will see how i feel then. I may continue or go to our excellent playlist to continue what you crave, as far as good music is concerned…Stay Tuned

…and enjoy the study of a voice unique and most satisfying


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