Maputo in the house at Tagore’s

Maputo in the house! Mozambican poet Tina Mucavele and composer Miguel Xabindza (guitar, voice) present their ‘word-song’ at Tagore’s next Wed 9 Jan, from 9.30pm. As always the show will be broadcast live – hit the ‘Listen to the live stream’ link on the left to listen in.

Alternating between dreams of hopefulness and retribution, and nightmares of greed and desperation; fed by the spirits of Ama Ata Aidoo, Ben Okri, Alice Walker, Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Tina Mucavele’s spirited conscious raising word-songs give voice to the people, ghosts and injustices she’s encounters in her travels around the African continent, Europe and South America.


  1. beautiful… listening at home. long love and strong

    - neo
  2. Essa tal de Tina tem uma cara e um olhar assustador…parece drogada! Estou errada?

    - Macanice de Chongo


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