Ntshuks Bonga’s Trio

Ntshuks Bonga’s Trio (with Brydon Bolton & Claude Cozen) at Tagore’s Jazz Bar [ 42 Trill Road, Observatory, Cape Town ] or if you can’t make it to Cape Town, tune in via PASS radio (click the live stream link on our home page)!

Burn in Jozi, Ntshuks has been resident in the United Kingdom since 1970. His playing, however, remains steeped in Xhosa folk music and that of the legendary South African bands exiled to this country, the Blue Notes and the Brotherhood of Breath.

He has collaborated with musicians such as Claude Deppa, Oren Marshall, Maggie Nicols and Louis Moholo-Moholo. Whilst sitting firmly in the lineage of the great Kippie Moeketsi and Dudu Pukwana, he is equally conversant with the impassioned sounds of players such as Peter Brotzmann and Albert Ayler.

More on the man here.


  1. listening from jozi. soundtrack to late night working. so happy to be in your soundscape.

    - kelly
  2. Listening from Dubai!

    - Dylan V
  3. And we begin another phase in the life…Pan African Space Station (.org.za) or as the devotee say: PASS is about to begin live from Tagore’s in Observatory, off of Lower Main Road on Trill Street.

    Tonight Ntshkus Bonga on Alto Sax will lead a quartet which includes: the fantastic Brydon Bolton on Bass, the best drummer in the Western Cape, Claude Cozens on Drums…(i’ve actually run out of flowery adjectives)…and Mark Fansman on Tenor Sax. I’m calling the aggregation Ntshkus’ Quartet.

    They will be doing an entire improved set this night in Cape Town. It is the inaugural set for this current configuration of PASS. Every Monday night we will broadcast live poetry. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday you will be able to experience live bands. Thursdays will be pleasured by Dj’s. The other times you will hear interviews, music, and assorted other “stuff” from the PASS playlist.

    Stay tuned 24 hours a day and night…’cause it’s gonna be a stone gas.

    Gotta go as the show is about to start.

    Reality Cape Town

    - audiodramatist
  4. Whew…almost had a problem. Don’t know if ya’ll caught it but there was a hum a while ago. Still is now, but not as pronounced. We have got to get the electrician in to attend to the situation. Meanwhile we changed the where the amp was plugged it.
    Oh well, you have to expect some reality with an initial lift-off to a Space Station.

    Or you can just except the hum as part on the improv…

    - audiodramatist
  5. who’s on piano?

    - the boedha
  6. So that was the opening set. Now let me see what i can do about the hum.

    - audiodramatist
  7. Here it is the second set with the improv hum a bit less.

    - audiodramatist
  8. applause

    - the boedha
  9. So i see they are in trio mode for this set…that would be Brydon, Claude and of course Ntshkus…
    Just a tearin it up.

    - audiodramatist
  10. lekker vry jazz die. daai claude cozens issie goen oppie drums. voelvry. voelvry.

    - the boedha


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