Live Sound Collab: Dyani Douze, Taja Cheek & Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa

pass-live2Chimurenga Library NYC resident Nontsikelelo Mutiti curates a live sound collab between multimedia artist Dyani Douze, code-switcher and Throw Vision member Taja Cheek (Throw Vision) and musician and composer Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa.

Dyani Douze is a multimedia artist. She has served as an editorial apprentice on Spike Lee’s documentary Bad 25, and has produced several personal projects, including a short documentary exploring architectural spaces in Paris. Dyani also produces music and DJs at local venues.

Taja Cheek is a code-switcher who works in theater, dance and music. She is a member of Brooklyn-based art rock ensemble Throw Vision.

Tanyaradzwa Tawangwa is a Zimbabwean-born musician and composer. A Princeton graduate, sheworks between mbira, classical piano and cello, opera and popular forms.




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