Live from Limbe satellite (4pm, Mon-Fri)

14 sept Gilbert picture 4

15sept Bobgala di dier picture  IMGA0131

In a double-take on the relationship between sound and spatiality, frequencies and territories, and in collaboration with Atlantic Studio, PASS extended its sonic territory to Limbe – a coastal town on the south west of Cameroon, on the much-contested border with Nigeria and the southern slopes of Mount Cameroon. Currently we broadcast daily (Mon-Fri, 4pm) content live from Atlantic Studio – which is primarily a recording studio but rejigged with the help of Blue Cow (who designed the PASS studio in Cape Town) to send a live feed to PASS Central. Some of the region’s most innovative musicians and DJs (including Gilbert and Bobgala pictured above) have already featured and more to come. Tune in.


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