live and direct PLANTATION MINERS



  1. featuring owen manamela dancing live

    plantation miners ( update )
  2. Tonight the Plantation Miners perform with dancer Owen Manamela. The fusion of Dance, music and poetry moves performance from the stage to the audience-

    - pambilli
  3. the hiss in the background is a recording of street traffic- Plantation Miners are taking one and all on a journey of performativity, creativity and collaboration.

    - pambilli
  4. “Niyabasaba na?” -Do you fear them?
    “Asibasabi, siyabafuna!!”- We do not fear them. We want them!!
    A resistance anthem purred onto the mic and repeated by the audience- the spell is cast.
    Every ear belongs to Plantation Miners!!

    - pambilli
  5. A repertoire of Hughes, Mutwa and Materra- after looking at the Theme for PASS 2010 along with research they have been doing on struggle poetry; Plantation Miners have read from the greats and this is their last song.

    - pambilli
  6. PASS 2010 has “Songs for Biko” as the theme. I forgot that mention.

    - pambilli


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