Just a Dancin’ fool

Current nights of dance therapy has brought me to this…


  1. So i finished reading the Deaver book, the Twelfth Card, brought it back to the Library, and instead of getting another book from our very excellent Cape Town public library…

    I decided to pick a book from my own book shelf at home.
    I buy books all the time… If not from the Wordsworth chain stores, or Lobby books downstairs from our CapeCodes studio/offices, then from various second hand bookstores and stalls at outdoor markets.

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  2. Sometime last year, when it was released, i picked up Master writer Lewis Nkosi’s latest, and as it turned out to be last novel, Mandela’s Ego.

    When i first came to South Africa in 2003, i purposely took a bus from Jo’burg to Cape Town because i wanted to see the country side.
    On that ride, a fellow passenger was reading a Tom Sharpe book. He let me read some of it, and when i got to Cape Town i went on a Tom Sharpe tear. I read everything from him… Hilarious!
    I got most of the books from the Obs Bookshop on lower main road.

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  3. By the time i completed the three month work shop:
    (three w’s)(dot)ajsloan(dot)name/road/capetown/workshop(dot)html
    — Pam, my (fraternal)PASS twin, says we shouldn’t post urls, as (spitefully mean) hackers do perverse things to the posts and jam up our site —

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  4. By the time i finish the workshop, and took a six month trip to India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos…and came back to Cape Town, i had read all of Sharpe.

    I then read some Bessie Head and got to Nkosi’s Underground People. Great Book…gave me a very good perspective on what is going on with the ruling politics of South Africa today.

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  5. Got interrupted here with some technical diffculties…
    But i got Marvin to fix it all — I know you don’t believe; however Marvin and Nina can fix anything.

    Now, let us get to the main point of this morning’s (Anthony’s Ego) blog.
    …you can search Lewis Nkosi for yourself…

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  6. mr audiodramatist,

    morning, thanks for the tunes and what what’s. see you soon soon.

    - pam
  7. Tuesday night saw the official opening the live PASS events throughout Cape Town.

    After Neo did the honors…and we took off from that moment.

    It was a magnificent ride. At the helm, and fueling the engine was Studio Kabako, with commander Faustin Linyekula, using the poems of Antoine Vumilla Muhindo and the resources of fashion designer Lamine Badian Kouyate; His crew includes guitarist Flamme Kapaya and his band.

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  8. We had a bit of an Internet cable disconnect problem a while ago.
    Now, as you can hear, everything is well.

    I had everything timed out and all that, so we will start Andy a bit late, giving him the time on the back end.

    Limbe will be pushed back a bit also.

    Meanwhile i’m going to Lola’s for some breakfast.

    As the Matt Damon character said in Oceans 13; “See you when i see you…”

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