Imperial Tiger Orchestra feat. Endres Hassen

It’s an Ethiopian morning…in case you missed their majestic show, here’s Imperial Tiger Orchestra, recorded live at the Albert Hall on October 1.



  1. You first heard, over an hour ago, Neo in the Studio with the Orchestra and Endres interviewing the musicians on how, why, where…they do what they do.

    Then you heard a comment from one of the cats with Mbuso T and MAF & So Soundsystem, on his love of this type of African music.

    Then you heard (daGeneral) Sbu introducing the live performance at Albert Hall.

    PASS ( update )
  2. You are now deep into the concert at Albert Hall.

    PASS ( update )
  3. Next you will hear a comment from an Ethiopian Brother who attend all the performances from this exceptial group, who in a few days (8 October) will be at The Bassline in Johannesburg…and on the next day (9 October) will be in Durban at the Poetry Africa Finale (BAT Centre).

    Looks like we were very fortunate, here in Cape Town, to have them for two performances.

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  4. Next, you will hear the cuts from the CD they gifted to PASS.

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  5. Now the cuts in this order:
    Selam Ternagwet
    Aha Gedawo

    Etu Gela
    Harer Dire Dewa

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  6. After all this, i don’t know what’s coming up next.

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