Gorm Helfjord Quartet

The Gorm Helfjord Quartet featuring Gorm Helfjord (guitar), Sean ou Tim (drums) and Brydon Bolton (bass) deliver groovy cowboy-jazz with a EuroAfro twist.

Gorm is a Norwegian guitarist currently based in Cape Town. He is a graduate of UCT, and has since worked with some of the biggest names in jazz both in Norway and South Africa.

A blend of influences including European and African jazz, rock, blues and ethnic music gives Gorm his distinctive style.


  1. Okay, they are starting…Enjoy.
    And if you can make it to Tagore’s, that would be good also.

  2. So, as you can hear the band, The Helfojord Trio (for tonight is taking a break.
    Right now you listening to what is playing over the Tagore’s sound system~Live at theBird’s Eye: The Iconoclast. It’s a group headed by Hilton Schilder on Piano, Gabriel Beuerle, guitar; Rita Ekes, alto sax; Cedric Gschwind, tenor and soprano (saxs; Lukas Briggen, trombone; Alex van Heerden, flugelhorn; Fridolin Blumer, Double Bass; and Daniel Mudrack on the drums.
    The CD is dedicted to Alex who died in a car accident right before this project came out in 2009.
    It’s real Western Cape Jazz…

  3. By-the-by, today is my older brother, Gregory’s, Life-day ~ Happy Birthday Big Brother.

  4. The band is still on break…
    But the music from Tagore’s and PASS never stops.
    You are now listening to Sipho Gumede, the guiarist with his CD offering: African Sunrise.


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