General Smedley Butler on War…

This is General Butler’s famous speech: War is a Racket.


  1. You are listening to great New York poet/actor (and my friend), Chris Brandt, orating the famous War is a Racket essay by Marine Corps decorated hero General Smedley Butler.

    I brought Chris into the studios of the Pacifica Foundation’s radio outlet in New York, WBAI-FM.
    He recorded General Butler’s words; i then mixed his excellent reading of Butler’s word with a loop i created by isolating the scratchiness and pops of a vinyl record.
    What you are listening to is that results.

    Like all creative efforts i first thank the words of Smedley Butler.
    Those words inspired Chris to do this fine reading.
    Chris told me it was rather easy as the facts were so accurate.

    audiodramatist ( update )


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