Gavin Bonner’s Sound About Now

In their last appearance for this residency at Tagore’s, Gavin Bonner‘s ‘Sound About Now‘ creates a vibrant, syncretic audio space open to many voices, perspectives, sounds and tongues.

Here, furious improvisational badinage, uproarious story telling and contemplative rumination rife with musicality come together in a globe-trotting journey toward the interconnectedness that Bonner calls home.


  1. Well we are settled it, and everything is working swell…Thanks to the presence of Neo.
    It seems whenever i have a technical challenge, if Neo is around i get it fixed.
    I’m gonna start callin him The Fixer.

    That was an aside. Gavin is very unique in his presentation and all. It’s like storyteller meets improve musician, meets the beat poets, meets a Capetonian.
    I like what he does.

    - audiodramatist
  2. There was a JuJu reference…so current is he…

    - audiodramatist
  3. I’m also growing to liking more and more the playing of Ethan, the Smith man on Sax.

    - audiodramatist
  4. There is the JuJu reference, bold as can be…

    - audiodramatist


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