Gavin Bonner and friends – musical storytelling

Poet, storyteller, musician and praise singer Gavin Bonner is know for his spontaneous wordplay, poetic dexterity and narrative smarts. Combining improvisation, humour and a keen sense of rhythm, Bonner fuses globe-trotting traditional tales with modern narratives and improvised fragments.

Born in London, he spent much of his childhood in South Africa growing up with a love of rock and African music and rhythms. A move back to London opened up a world of musical diversity and he played with all kinds of bands touring round England and playing at many festivals including Glastonbury. Years of travel followed to Australia, Europe, Canada, India, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and more where he absorbed different philosphies, languages, stories and musical styles.

Some great percussionists he has studied with include Glen Velez (USA), Zohar Fresco (Israel), Pete Lockett (UK), Achu and Prosper Gagadu (Ghana), Numan Elyer and Tarik Tuysuzoglu (Turkey). He has performed and recorded alongside legends such as Bill Bruford, Gary Husband, Juan Martin, Congolese percussionist Douze Balles, founder and leader of Mbonda Loningisa, and cellist Julia Palmer (Nigel Kennedy).


  1. Gavin Bonner’s SOUND ABOUT NOW featuring:
    Dan Shout on Sax; Romy Brauteseth on Double Bass and Bonner on various Drums and Percussion

    gavin bonner ( update )


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