Friday 9th October programme

Day-eve 3’s runnings: sorryyoufeeluncomfortable set us off with Nyasha Lake Wangara and Ewuraba (Radz) Hama Lansiquot looking at Oscillations Over Oceans effect electronic music made in and out of Africa. The Otolith Collective introduce Ayesha Hamed to travel at the speed of thought with Kodwo Eshun and chart Black Atlantis crossings, with Drexiya was a starting point for this technotheory.

Kemang Wa Lehulere takes time out of his London stay (and exhibition at Gasworks) to perhaps pick up on a story of Johnny Mbizo Dyani. Pass Me the Microphone welcome Junior Boakye-Yiadom to present his audio-visual rhythm tracks.

The evening proceedings present conversations on musicians who established pathways for the shape of jazz, and Afrobeat, to come. First up, Kevin Le Gendre sits with Pinise Saul, Adam Glasser and Matt Temple to sing Blue Notes and speak of the music made in exile by Dudu, Mongezi, the Brotherhood of Breath.

We then pay tribute to Ambrose Campbell, the man Fela dubbed ‘the father of modern Nigerian music’, as Teju Adeleye orchestrates “Palm-Wine Nights in Soho” with Dele Sosimi and Duncan Brooker. We’re all Nigerian.


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