DJ Mighty on the decks

DJ Mighty is back on the decks with an “Under-Ground, Uni-Versal Sound Session” @ TAGORES in Observatory, Cape Town tonight from 10 pm til late.

Listen in live on PASS radio (hit the “Listen to the live stream” link to your left) for a special selection of healing vinyls by the MIGHTY Mighty.

For more Mighty take a listen to some of his classic sets from the PASS archives here.


  1. Challenges..challenges….So as you may have noticed one of our channels has been doing a thing with my ear nerves and yours i imagine. We are actually doing the mono thing right now. Stereo is happening in the Tagore space. Must be some poetic Tagore justice or something that if you want the real reality you have to get to Cape Town and Trill Road, have some drinks and eats and all…

    I will have to deal with this tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, i’m going to have a drink of vino to calm down.

    Pieces, er-r-r, i mean Peace.

    Enjoy the mighty Mighty (yeah i know not very original)

    - audiodramatist
  2. Man Mighty is really hitting the 50’s really heavy…And i know he’s a Mighty young cat.
    I’ve known Mighty for a mighty long time. Long enough to give his baby boy a present and all.
    Mighty is a great, really great DJ. It’s in him so deep…if he were to be cut; he would bleed diverse music.
    Hope ya’ll are groovin in your grooving space somewhere safe on the planet.

    - audiodramatist
  3. What a time we are having…good conversation, good dancing, great music, and all the very interesting people…wow
    It’s a great time to be on the planet.

    - audiodramatist
  4. So, if you noticed a change in the music being played, it’s because Pierre is now the DJ. I really like Pierre. He is the one who played one of my favorite cuts of all times when PASS happened in 2010. He played the alternative theme i used for my college radio program back in the day. The name of the program was Variations in Blackness over the airwaves of WRSU, the Rutgers College broadcast station in New Brunswick,New Jersey. The cut was Kool and the Gangs classic Summer Madness. He is now heavy into the late great Michael J. on the turntables.
    Pierre is now involved with a DJ project that takes place on some rooftop somewhere in Cape Town on Saturdays. As soon as i get the address i’ll pass it onto ya’ll. Plus i am sure Pierre will show up one Thursday for a session.

    - audiodramatist
  5. Well that’s it for this week, this Thursday night with the DJ live from our space at Tagore.
    We’ll blow at you soon.
    Like tomorrow night with live music.

    Meanwhile enjoy our playlist…lots of different and unique musical offerings.
    Be well, and stay (play) safe.

    - audiodramatist


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