DJ Buke


  1. Dj Buke on the 1 and 2’s playing some underground songs from Johannesburg….
    Very african

    dj buke ( update )
  2. Dj Buke – “Siyavuma” is hot..
    Now playing – “Xen guns”

    dj buke ( update )
  3. Vibrant!

    - Changsta
  4. tracks are – “Going for it again” by ne Roux
    – “Midnight” by Fat Freddy Drop

    dj buke ( update )
  5. tracks are – “Bring it back” by Malombo
    – “Rehab remix” by Sip Orchestra
    – “Unomkhubulwane” by Mam’Busi Mhlongo

    dj buke ( update )
  6. The cinderella’s left before midnight and without being kissed by the prince’s for various reasons…My fairy-God Mother is ill. It was difficult to divorce my feelings from the space but I had to go home and care for here in my family home, I also believe in separation from the masses when the womb needs rest(indigenous knowledge system values coming through, without too much info :). There was also a death in the family today.

    …thank-you PASS, you have been my other home, the most recent & enjoyable of many(nomadic Empress). Between the sounds of the Universe, the Earth and U I’ve found pieces of them and me without clich’e communication techniques pre-dominating-a surreal mix of musical aura’s in many different rooms of creativity & xpression kaleidescopic & deeply motivating & intriguing for all.

    of how I luv how I’ve growed through and because of you…all the genius’s besides me…my soul is full! Thank-you for giving me a space to share my words, voice & our rhythms together and within.

    My connection with many of you continues,

    (*): Cape Town embraces U & awaits your return in growth through the galaxies to & fro(*)

    All my luv:),

    - ***Cape Cinnamon AKA Ancient Womb***
  7. Tracks are – “Abangoma” remix by an anonymous friend of Dj Buke
    “Mfaz’ongaphesheya” Mam’Busi(Now Playing)

    dj buke ( update )
  8. Tracks – “Marshall arts” by rhythm
    – “Get yourself a gun” by Bernie Man

    dj buke ( update )
  9. tracks – “That girl” by Red rats
    “Burner Nchinchi” by Capleton
    “Just give the night” by Sean Paul

    dj buke ( update )
  10. Tracks – “Temperatur” by sizzler
    – “She lye lye” by Sean paul

    dj buke ( update )
  11. Tracks – “Baby” by Vibes cartel
    – “Meet me halfway” by Black Eyed Peas
    – “

    dj buke ( update )
  12. aight i’m bout 2 sign owt

    Later homs


    dj buke ( update )
  13. We about to throw some collabor me “Dj Buke and Dj tera later on”

    dj buke ( update )
  14. aight guys see you soon

    Just in case u want to get hold of me call me on

    dj buke ( update )
  15. Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my qutseinos are answered!

    - Mina


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