DJ Andy Williams

Dj Andy WilliamsOde to Francois Auclair (September 21,2009)

1.Vaceo – Right here
2.Oddissee (Feat: Phonte) – All because she’s gone
3.Stacy Epps – Arms
4.De La Soul – Wasn’t for you
5.Clyde(Feat:Capital “A”) – Broken Slang
6.Bah Samba – Tired Lil’ One
7.Mph Skeef – What hearts share
8.Raw Artistic Soul(Feat: Ursula Rucker) – The Light
9.Daz-I-Kue(Feat:Colonel Red) – Rockstone
10.1 Luv – Gonna get
11.Electrons(Feat: Eska)- Dirty Basement
12.Bopstar – Chiroscuro
13.The Incubator – Dakar Pocky
14.Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek – Turn it on
15.Channel Two – (Feat: Joy Jones) – ‘sposed to be
16.Butta Verse – Jones in ya bones
17.Exile (Feat:Blu) – Fly
18.J Dilla(Feat :D’Angelo & Common) – So far to go
19.Nicole Willis – Feeling Free(Natural Self Remix)
20.Quantic(Feat:Omegga Watts) – Ticket to know where
21.The Lions(Feat:Noelle) – Thinks
22.Red Astaire – Love to Angie
23.Breakstra (Feat:Choklate) – Take my time
24.The Bamboos (Feat : Tyra Hammond) – Head in the clouds
25.Gwen McRae – All this love that i’m waiting for
26.Esther Williams – Last night changing it all
27.Frdddie Cruger(FEAT: Anthony David) I Wanna make you move
28.Ty(Feat: Wumni Dele Sosimi – Sweating
29.Willie Wright – Right on !
30.Eastside Conection – You’re so right
31.BT Express – Peace Piper
32.Colletta Woodson – Follow the Wind
33.Phillip Wright – Keep her happy
34.Record Players – Free your mind
35.Loletta Holloway – Cassanova
36.Marco Polo(Feat:Masta Ace) – Nostalgia
37.Jazzy Jeff(Feat:Cardinal) – She was so fly
38.Ta raach & The Lovelution – Merci me lord
39.Sa Ra – Ladies Sing


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