A live set by Andre Manuel, co-founder of DalaFlat Music.

Dala Flat is a movement born out of the need to preserve the heritage and culture of the Cape region in a contemporary way and aims to uplift black communities through the arts and humanities.

Dala Flat is more than just music, words, visual art, dance, the odd performance and party, it is a way and state of belief. A movement for true change in South Africa.


  1. hello, a bit of this and that:
    1. Studies for Thunder – Monolake (overlayed with 2nd track)
    2. N’Nafanta – The Ousmane Kouyate Band
    3. Assosa – Mulatu Astatke
    4. Stimela – Hugh Masekela (Dala Flat re-edit)

    - dala flat
    • This aritlce is a home run, pure and simple!

      - Lark
  2. Great start to the set. Really really feeling it.

    - Chan
  3. 5. Slave Song – Sade
    6. Dubplate – Dubtribe Soundsystem

    - dala flat
  4. That Sade song is awesome. Was nice hearing Dubplate after such a long time. Took me back to Gam Sushi days.

    - Chan
  5. 7. Rise on Up and Walk – 8fatfat8
    8. Suns of Osiris – Theo Parrish
    9. Odo Oya – Ola Jagun & the Ancestoral Rhythms (Joe Claussell mix)

    - dala flat
  6. More nostalgia and future riddims to come!

    - dala flat
    • Awesome Awesome! Les Javan’s voices is sublime.
      Three cheers for “die roos van Ermelo”. Can’t wait to hear Les’s new album Hiervandaan

      - Chan
  7. I’m in heaven now that PASS is back

    - kyla-rose
    • Last one to utilize this is a rttoen egg!

      - Molly
  8. My Goema 10 minutes:
    10. Roos – Les Javan/Gramadoelas
    11. Duo – Robbie Jansen
    12. African Marcketplace – Abdullah Ibrahim

    - dala flat
  9. @Kyla-Rose, I agree. It’s amazing what superficial crap is played on commercial radio stations, so PASS is like that proverbial breath of fresh air. Hearing. Learning. Feeling. The music tonight is perfect.

    - Chan
  10. 13. Hombre Lobo, No! Hombre Nuevo – Bill Laswell
    14. Get Ohn – Actress
    15. Air Mkaes my Day – Elmer Judd
    16. Call Me – Emmitt Long
    17. Invitation – Maynard Ferguson

    - dala flat
    • Actress! Parrish! Laswell! Brilliant set.

      - Martin
  11. Thanks Andre, Mighty reckon that the Amazon is nno forest compared to the one that Stevie walks aroudn in. I agree. Thanks for sharing Mr Wonder’s theatre with us all.

    - pam
  12. Kyla – youy know where home is…find your way! Send love. N

    - CP
  13. Space Life with dala flat

    - capetownnatural
  14. 18. Ene Alantchie Alnorem – Mulatu Astatke
    19. Third Interlude – Maro Ajemian

    The Soul/Vide part:
    20. I didn’t have to want to do it – 4Hero
    21. Everything – Dwayne Morgan
    22. Love’s In Need of Love – Stevie Wonder
    23. Street Life – The Crusaders
    24. Zundiqondisise – Simphiwe Dana

    – THE END – …for now! Thank you for listening!!

    - dala flat
  15. … and then there was silence…

    - Chan


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