Dala Flat Music live @ PASS


PASSCAST : 55m 56s (41.1MB)


01 Elyne Road Toumani Diabate
02 Cou Cou Zap Mama
03 Space Smurfs Unknown
04 Stone Fox Chase Area Code 651
05 Fungi Mama Tom Browne
06 Night Benga
07 Sequence Four The Nova Dream
08 Brown Rice Don Cherry
09 Hope Fat Freddy’s Drop
10 You Made Me So Very Happy Lou Rawls
11 Dove Cymande

the thoughts of a dj’s scribe

winter is old,
he’s a man perched over a zimmer
without a glimmer of hope in his eyes
still he stares at me
long ’cause he knows
oh. he knows
that I am not a poet
just a girl who is careless with words
You Made Me So Very Happy: Lou Rawls
(dedicated to a very special person in my life)
putting art out there

is anybody listening
have my words let you down
when you thought you’d just be
listenin’ 2 toonz
chillin’ wit a smoke or a toke
or a drunk horny bloke
not having to think of the insecurity
that comes with performance…


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