mulatu astatke alive


  1. mulatu ke eng? means what is the issue… he touched jozi last weekend, gr8 andi, Faya

    - deFanatik
    • Hi Neo,

      Theo here. Is the stream down or is it my linux baby that is playing up? Mulate Astatke – I am going to have to ask you to play him again in either case!!

      Keep it up been enjoying it so far

      - Theo
  2. oops muyang’ it be you offcoz, Faya

    - deFanatik
  3. lionel loueke “incantation”

    neo ( update )
    • cun’t heat …

      - deFanatik
  4. sorry I see Posted as a reply by mistake – nevertheless – the comments apply!

    - Theo


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