Stories About Music in Africa

Stories About Music in Africa: Dumama & Kechou with Madala ‘Bafo’ Kunene and Madosini

“For his appearance at PASS in Cape Town, Bafo launched a concept titled “Sounds in the Darkness of Light”, a solo performance in complete darkness. This places the audience in a realm of darkness where only sounds illustrate the images of one’s immediate surroundings.” – about Madala ‘Bafo’ Kunene‘s performance on PASS in 2008 at Slave Church, Cape Town.

History seemed to repeat itself on a warm night in March 2019. Recorded in the darkness and unpredictability of load shedding, ‘nomadic future folk’ duo Dumama & Kechou invited Madala ‘Bafo’ Kunene, along with the incredible Madosini, for an intimate performance at Chimurenga Factory, Cape Town.

The duo are longtime students of Madala Kunene and Madosini and, through their practice, are connecting to the sonic and cultural legacies of these elders. Experimenting with the infinite conversation between past and future through live looping of vocals and hand-made instruments from different parts of Africa and the world, Dumama (Gugulethu Duma) and Kechou (Kerim Melik Becker) explore the complexities of post-TRC South Africa and create never-ending contradictions about love, politics and the spirit world.

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