Bokani Dyer’s Septet

Pianist and composer Bokani Dyer’s Septet play jazz compositions ranging from the sombre to the playful, with a kaleidoscope of allusions to both classic jazz and far edgier sounds.

Here gospel blues blasts play off against hard bop grooves and allusions to South African soul jazz of the 1970s.

Dyer is prolific collaborator and a Standard Bank Young artist winner. His new CD Emancipate The Story is available on Dyertribe distributed by Jassics.


  1. Actually, tonight it is a Quintet, with:
    Bokani Dyer, Keyboard; Claude Cozens, Drums; Benjamin Jeftha, Bass; Mandla Mlangeni, Trumpet; Sisonke Xonti, Sax

    - audiodramatist
  2. I love this actual use of internet radio via PASS !! I really enjoyed listening to Bokani’s session tonight – May 2. There were some disjointed sounds from the band members….not the greatest sounds through my headphones, but that has to do with electronic transmission quality. I wish I was there!! The horns need to be better tuned to each other. Nice stuff, guys! The audio also could use a bit more of audience appreciation/claps/whistles, etc. so we hear all the audience! But great stuff! Thanks PASS

    - Carol
  3. Bokani doing Twice from Little Dragon.
    Sheer bliss:-)

    - afronaut


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