Blood, Sweat, (almost Tears)…and constipation

Continuing with i was trying to write yesterday…


  1. I was going to tell you about the trying times and how me and the Space Station got through.

    The Station went down yesterday…
    I got locked out of the Studio yesterday…
    Got bloodied trying to get past the lock yesterday…
    I thought i lost my mobile phone on the streets of Lower Main road yesterday…

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    • My computer crashed, my father has dissapeared for two weeks and nobody knows where he is, I work during the week and on weekends…I got distracted by a friend who needed a place to stay from out of town and inbetween the backpackers and sharing a meal I missed out on speaking to the pioneers of Word through music for Africa Poetry fest at PASS yesterday evening…damnit(*)…but I’m still moving, still sculpting, still expecting greatness & beauty within the space (Africa Centre) & beyond it(*),

      - **Cape Cinnamon**
  2. But it is a new day; an extraordinary Cape Town Morning.

    I’m hungry after walking to town from Woodstock, which is about 2.5 kilometers from what is called the City Bowl.
    It was a wonderful walk. I even stopped reading the book on Humphrey Bogart i was walking and reading..i do that often.

    Lion’s head mountain was shiny with morning sun all the way down to its rump.
    Table mountain was radiant.

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  3. When i passed District Six, i noticed — couldn’t help but, i noticed they had taken the scaffolding down from the wall mural that was being painted on the side of a building called the J&B House.

    Seems they have finished painting a profile of an African mother with child on her back in the traditional manner.

    I read somewhere that primal society changed with the use of the baby sling mothers used when toiling or moving from one place to another. This freed the mother to fend off danger with her hands, etc.
    It is said they picked up this technique from marsupials.
    …makes sense as it is said that’s how early man knew what to eat…that is they merely mimicked the bears and other animals in what to eat.

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    • I hope to be going to see a space in District Six today after 14:00pm, hopefully I’ll be moving there soon too. Land of of my ancestors(*),

      - **Cape Cinnamon**
  4. One time i did a workshop in Audio Drama on a Cree reservation way up in James Bay, Canada.
    They told me the earlier colonialists died of scurvy and such, because they didn’t eat the contents of the animals’ intestines, which had the undigested fruits, berries and such.

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  5. I heard this loud speaker saying the mayor of Cape Town (Dan Plato) had arrived. It was from the parade grounds, which was the finish line for the Cape Town Marathon.

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  6. So i get to the studio, and today a get in with no problems.

    Yesterday morning the knob of the inner door was off and i had to scramble, asking the guys who haul the stalls to GreenMarket square for a pliers or something.
    They couldn’t help…didn’t have tools.

    So i wander around looking for breakfast, and nothing was open.
    Even went to Neo’s place and rang the buzzer; of course, he wasn’t answering.

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  7. Eventually, it became 8am and the hardware store next to 44 Long Street was open, and i bought a pair.

    I got the door open and found one of the two decks we have for the overnight playlist was not transmitting…bummer. Plus there was now sound in the Space, though stuff was going out over the Internet.

    I called (Saint) Martin, and he talked me through the configuration for re enabling the Sound Card from SAM, the system we are using… much superior to Winamp.

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  8. So i’m happy, even though my finger is bleeding from all the lock action with the door.
    Plus, my (PASS) fraternal twin, Pam, is not in yet…so i had no one to kiss the boo-boo on my finger.

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  9. I’m happy because at least it wasn’t like the night before when i lost SAM because i shut now the streaming computer without first closing the SAM program, which made it impossible to get program content to our Internet listeners.
    Big, huge bummer….

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  10. Talkin ’bout bummers; i did wash last night and hung the laundry out this morning in the sunshine, walked to the Studio in the sunshine…and now CapeTown is doin’ its CapeTown thing…
    It’s raining on Long Street, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s raining in Woodstock…
    On time in Woodstock it was raining at the front of the house and clear at the back.
    (Go figure…)

    Well you know what is said about Cape Town…if you don’t like the weather; wait 20 minutes or so, and it will change now-now.

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  11. So Nosipho is on their last number.
    I like it…and most importantly the voice is coming trough perfectly…very Clear.

    So glad i wore my Marvin tee shirt Stephen Marshall gave me when i was in New York two years ago. I wear it to show singers the proper distance from the mic.
    Works most all the time. Singers tend to respect Marvin Gaye; rather than a lowly sound guy.

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  12. …And Nosipho does one more because the audience demands it.

    I LIKE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. So now we have the Jazz guys from UCT and all…Nice.

    Just saw the Bassist and Drummer yesterday when riding with Thobile driving Johnny Cradle to pick up Muva to go to UCT music school for rehearsal.
    We had a grand time in the car before we picked up Muva from his place.
    I was reading to Johnny about himself from the Earth Medicine reading; which is the Indian (Feathers not the Dot) astrological system. He’s an Owl…Thobile is a Deer, like my PASS fraternal twin…I’m a Woodpecker.

    We never got to Muva as they were doing the musician thing, and running a bit late.

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  14. Nice set…helps me to write. Let me put on my headphones…nice.

    Had to take them off to retrieve Greame’s headphones he left at the DJ rig…that’s what he gets for rushing out…

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  15. Actually, i shouldn’t be writin’ ’bout anybody rushing as that’s what caused all the drama after we dropped the musician off yesterday.

    Let me tell you what happened. Thobile rushed me to the Saturday Old Biscuit Mill market.
    I wanted to give Henry, a vendor who does pancakes (European not American Style), his copy of 3AYHE! which includes a dvd. 3AYHE! is a comic book that has been produced from our Comic Arts Engine, and includes a dvd (from the Screens Engine) with a film from one of the stories, which comes from a original Audio Drama presentation written by 13 year olds out of the Marcus Garvey Village Audio Drama Group call the Survivors of Performing Arts in the township of Philippi.

    The short version of this episode is that the Lottery Fund hasn’t given up the final monies for the CapeCodes initiative which i am the Executive Director of…

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  16. Anyway, we rushed to the Milnerton Saturday market to get trash bags for the Space Station. There’s a wheel chair bound guy who sells nice thick, heavy duty bags. And i like to support the guy.
    We need a really heavy bag at the Studio because we have a bar every…

    Man the sax is whaling…

    Where was i…Oh, yeah…Since this is South Africa, you know folks drink
    …and of course there are plenty of bottles at the end of the night.

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  17. Take a little guess on who has the key to the locked alley garbage bin spot around the corner on Hout Street.

    Okay, it was a trick question.

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  18. My task(s) at the Studio – where the Space Station is docked is many.
    …And they say women are multi-taskers…Well i must we well in touch with my feminine side as this experience is most demanding.

    At this stage the most challenging is to sound engineer the performers. There are three aspects to the task.
    — to provide PA (public address) to the room
    — to give a good signal to the Internet
    — to capture a great recording

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  19. This may be unfair; however i am more interested in the live broadcast to the planet. The recorded program i can work with through post production…you know: fix it in the mix…

    This leaves the folks in the space. This is the biggest challenge, in that, i sit behind the speakers that go out to the live audience in the space…so…

    You get the situation.

    Did i tell you that i’m into it, as i have less than two more weeks to get it right.

    Pan African Space Station…a great situation. Ya gotta love it, i know i do.

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  20. Hear they are Tino La Musica…very great.

    Actually, the recording is better with me in back of the band as i really have to listen for what is happening.

    Ears only…Now i know how fellow year-of-the-Tiger born Stevie Wonder must do it…
    Too bad i can’t pull the beautiful women he has…from Syreeta to whoever he hangin with now.

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  21. I can say this for the fellas, they actually listened to my microphone tirade…
    And though i keep having to adjust the house PA, i think the recording and the Internet broadcast is fine.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  22. Redemption Song…one of everyone’s favorite.

    Did i ever tell you one of the best concerts i witnessed in my concert going life was at Madison Square Garden…
    Gil Scott-Heron, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley.

    Great show…and they all sang together at the end…Sang Stevie’s Happy Birthday — the song he wrote about/for Dr. Martin Luther King.
    But i got to tell you Bob really didn’t know the words…But hey, you know…it was Bob and the sacraments, which tends to alter you state to such a point as to, well you know the deal…

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  23. Maybe we can post a way to send money this great aggregation.
    Pam probably did it already.

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  24. Good, got OJ posting on the radio blog where to send donations for helping these incredible Brothers out.
    Man, they givin’ a great performance right now. Wish i could see from the front.

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  25. Man of Man, they got the entire Space up and jumpin’…

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  26. Oh snot!

    I can’t believe it. Pierre is playing the theme from my college program.
    The first program of my own i did at WRSU-FM in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
    the Rutgers University broadcast station.The name of the program was “Variations in Blackness” and the opening theme was “Summer Maddness” from Cool and The Gang.

    Year later i found out that none other than Lauren Hill, when she was hanging out with The Gang, actually recorded a vocal version of “Summer Maddness.” It exists on tape somewhere…and that’s all i’m saying.

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  27. “Variations in Blackness” was a unique radio program in it’s structure for the time.
    Here is how it came about.

    When i got out of the U.S. Air Force in January of 1994, i went back to College. I had been taking extension courses from the other state university in New Jersey, Trenton State University, as i was stationed at Mcguire Air Force base, which is surrounded by Fort Dix.

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  28. More later as i must set up for the next program.

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  29. Are you hearing Indigo Buchu?

    Are you getting this true history/herstory lesson from the original peoples of this land…this stolen land.

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  30. Brother Khoeb !Huni !Gurob ‘Bradlox’ has just dropped the knowledge that:

    //Hui !Gais (Female principle)
    //Hui !Gaeb (Male principle)

    Where the rain clouds gather is the translation of the true name for Cape Town.

    He gave us a truly magnificent history presentation…everyone stopped what they were doing; we were all, everyone of us were held in rapped attention.

    Thank you so very much……anthony

    audiodramatist ( update )
  31. Back to my radio past.

    Maybe not…this conversation with Faustin Linyekula the progenator of
    Studio Kabako “More More More…Future
    is too fascinating.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  32. Let me stay with “Variations…”

    The thing about the program was that i was a student at the Livingston College campus, a very progressing, even radical campus in the Rutgers system of colleges.
    In the first class of our introduction to communications course, the instructor, Doug Evans said; “The library is over there, my office is up there with the office hours posted on the door…this is the class. What questions do you have?

    People didn’t get it. But i got it right away.

    audiodramatist ( update )
  33. He was saying we were in charge of our own education.
    To this day i consider Doug one of four of my greatest teachers.
    They include:
    William Craycraft (Who allowed me to call him CC)
    Pepsi Charles (peace and blessings on her eternal soul)
    Avery Brooks (yes, the Singer, actor)

    audiodramatist ( update )
  34. So also in that first class Doug invited a representative from the Rutgers broadcast station (Livingston had a Carrier Current station).
    The visitor invited anyone who was interested to come to an orientation for the radio station.

    I went…the upshot was that i got a program and invited three other Black students to join me in forming a team for the programming idea i had, which was to structure the program in such a way as to have one person be the producer for that week as another was the engineer, another the host and one person had the week off, as we were students and needed down time to study.

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  35. It was a brilliant scheme that worked well.

    Plus it fit into my sensibilities. I like working in a team situation.

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  36. Gotta go cause i gotta prepare for tomorrow.

    If you are a DJ you really should tune into tomorrow morning’s Morning Movie…
    You ain’t gonna want to miss the knowledge to be laid down around 7am…

    Cape Town — or as

    Brother Khoeb a/k/a !Huni !Gurob a/k/a ‘Bradlox’
    explained the name today:

    //Hui !Gais (Female principle)
    //Hui !Gaeb (Male principle)


    manana y manana…

    audiodramatist ( update )
  37. So here we are.
    The basis for a movement like no other.
    A movement of pure LOVE.

    The communications between dancer and DJ is purely African; the level of creativity is purely African American.

    Enjoy…I have work to do.

    audiodramatist ( update )


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