Black Metal

It’s Black…and, it’s Metal


  1. and on the subject, a shout out for those Deranged Psychopaths, Botswana’s Crackdust!

    - feeler cutie
  2. I know that it is uncharacteristic for the service provider to apologise, however this morning’s interruption of regular broadcasting is surely inexcusable.

    This interruption will last for one hour, six minutes and six seconds and is comprised of thirteen horrendous tracks from around the world, all of which are useful and permissable when one embraces an open strategy of assymetrical hierarchical control. The alternative needs to be incorporated into the whole if one is to make it impotent.

    When I was Flesh – 1349 5:45
    Now, Diabolical – Satyricon 5:31
    Existence – Thorns 4:12
    Character Flaw – Susperia 4:28
    Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus – Dark Funeral 5:00
    Into the Ashes – Abigail Williams 4:39
    Indigenous Laceration – Chthonic 4:06
    Coffin Fodder – Cradle of Filth 5:17
    World Playground Deceit – Thorns 7:08
    The End of the Human Race – Dark Funeral 4:40
    Shemhamforash – Behemoth 3:56
    Deluge of Delusional Dreams – Melechesh 6:25
    En as I Dype Skogen – Darkthrone 5:03

    Yours Sincerely,

    the service provider.

    ServiceProvider ( update )
  3. There are Other worlds out there they never told you about. The service provider aims to integrate.

    ServiceProvider ( update )
  4. The service provider embraces Crackdust, Leftover Crack, Crack the Skye, looking for the crack. There is no threat. There is no problem here.

    This is an anoouncement.

    ServiceProvider ( update )
  5. Thank you for participating in this divergent event, your complicity is vital.

    Programming will soon commence as per usual.

    ServiceProvider ( update )
  6. The service provider would like to thank Neo Muyanga, Ntone Edjabe, Anthony Sloan ( and the Good People of the Pan African Space Station for facilitating this broadcast

    ServiceProvider ( update )


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