Biko Day Song Mix

Today (September 12) is Biko Day – the day the black consciousness philosopher, thinker, leader Steve Biko died in police custody in 1977. Since 2008 PASS has launched on this day (see Songs for Biko, and other stomps, screams and prayers: pics, vids and sounds from the 24-hr marathon praise party held to launch PASS in 2008, 2009, 2010). This year the live-station is in the dock for maintenance (Back soon. Watch this space for the relaunch) but we still remember Biko with this Biko Day PASSCAST curated by PASS curator, Neo Muyanga.

Also check our Steve Biko transmigration mix.

“thula thule mix” absolute zero
“don’t stop” aiff
“change and power in this country” steve biko
“zigzagzig” adubiifa 67
“anti love song” betty davis
“tam lyn retold” benjamin zephania
“at war” bibi tanga
“wise man for the east” bheki khoza


  1. “As serious as your life”: thank you brother Neo. On this day we all need music to sing, dance and weep along to.

    - Trane-spotter


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