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So hear we are again…


  1. So here we are once again…
    Right now you are listening to my voice doing a Henry Lee Dumas short story…my favorite.
    The backing music is from a Prince instrumental he did after his father’s death

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  2. Check up on Brother Dumas:

    He was a very important force or the Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s in the States.

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  3. …i have tasks to catch up on so you will just have to check out this:

    Check you in a bit or two or three…

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  4. Oh-oh, i’m not even near finished what i have to do in the Space Station studios…
    Looks like i will have to go back to the playlist.

    Oh look, i have Sekou up; okay this will be good.

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  5. Right before Sekou made his transition, he actually toured with the Urban Voices tour through South Africa. I caught the show at the Baxter Theatre complex here in Cape Town.
    After the show (it was the one featuring Saul Williams), the one comment i kept hearing from young poets was…”Man, that old man!”
    Sekou tore it up.

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  6. Here is what i wrote as a comment on a blog (http://tenured-radical.blogspot.com/2007/07/in-memory-of-sekou-sundiata.html) upon hearing of his passing:

    The last time i saw and spoke to Sekou was here in Cape Town, South Africa; after he completely blew the audience away with his performance during the Urban Voices Poetry Festival 2006.
    The first time i met Sekou was when i staged managed the performances of the Are and Be Ensemble on theatre row in New York City.
    My deepest sympathy to his family, friends and those who love him….
    Anthony J. Sloan
    Thursday, 26 July
    Cape Town, South Africa

    A kwansaba* for Sekou Sundiata

    He passed this one way once again.
    Droppin’ lyrics of poetic rhymes not complex
    yet at times meant to truly vex
    those not yet in the seeking depth.
    We now salute you – a true Nubian
    from the bowels of a cruel land
    gone to voice our joys and pain

    thePoet – Anthony

    *The kwansaba — a 49-word poetic form invented during the Writers Club’s 1995 workshop season (in East St. Louis), consists of seven lines of seven words each; each word must contain between one and seven letters. Exceptions to the seven-letter rule are proper nouns and some foreign terms.

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  7. Okay, i really have to get back to stuff in the studio

    On the play list i have put into rotation after_interviews i did from last year.

    Remember the great Andy Williams is up at 1pm

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  8. After this program from Limbe i will take command of the Station fully until DJ Cherry Bomb comes on at about 7pm (Cape Town time) or earlier.
    I’ll probably talk on the microphone; because that is what i used to do in New York City.

    - LIMBE


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