Circadian Clocks: Cara Stacey, Reza Khota & Brydon Bolton

This installment of Stories About Music in Africa features South African instrumentalist Cara Stacey, accompanied by guitarist Reza Khota and double bassist Brydon Bolton. Recorded at Chimurenga HQ, Stacey explores the circadian orbit of time.

Stories about Music in Africa is an ongoing project of the Pan African Space Station

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PASS presents: FOKN Bois (LIVE at Greatmore Studios)

On 10 September 2016, the Pan African Space Station hosted Gospel Christain Porn Rap duo FOKN Bois at Greatmore Studios, Cape Town. M3NSA (the Ghanaian Hiplife Pioneer) and Wanlov the Kubolor (African Gypsy) of FOKN Bois unapologetically venture into territories that other Ghanaian musicians stay well clear of. Controversial, bold and shocking,¬†the duo is known to entertain and challenge the status-quo of everyday Ghanaian society. The performance was broadcast live on PASS via the airwaves and can be revisted here. …  ( continue reading

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