Aino and Tricont, live at Chimurenga Library, Helsinki

TRICONT was founded in Helsinki in September 1968 as “a group of people studying the problems of the Third World, world capitalism and imperialism“. Its goal was the “active support for liberation movements and their armed struggle“ by distributing information and organizing events. From 1968 onwards the group published a series of xerox-copied booklets. The magazine/journal TRICONT appeared from 1969 until 1973.

Aino Korvensyrjä is an artist and historian engaging for mobility rights. She is currently writing a dissertation on German aliens law, addressing the colonial history and the persisting coloniality of European borders. Together with activists based in Germany she is also conducting video activist co-research on German deportation practices. She is active in the Free Movement Network Helsinki, co-editor of Signal magazine and member of the German kritnet.

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PASS x Kallio Library in Helsinki Daily Runnings: 13 April 2016

Today kicks off the first day of the programme streaming from the Kallio Library in Helsinki. Opening the day at 15hoo (Helsinki time) are Arta and Husla from the Third Space Collective,  who’ll be experimenting with sampling, chop and screwing as they mix and remix live in studio. This is followed by Aino Korvensyrjä with Tricont exploring  how a group of young people in Helsinki began to see itself as active supporters of Third World liberation movements, civil rights and anti-apartheid struggles? …  ( continue reading

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Sonya Lindfors

Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki based choreographer, performer, curator and artistic director. She is the founder and artistic director of UrbanApa art platform ( In her work as choreographer and artistic director Lindfors deals with questions of power, authenticity, inclusion and exclusion. Lindfors is  currently interested in the ideas around blackness, cultural appropriation and authenticity.  ( continue reading

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Jowan Safadi

Jowan Safadi, started his career as a singer, songwriter and frontman of “Lenses”, a project that he collaborated on with Israeli musicians, and which was active until late 2007 producing 3 studio albums of experimental rock. Jowan’s solo breakthrough kicked off in 2008 when his single “Ghool” topped local radio charts, captivating underground audiences with its fuzzy electro rock sound. This was followed by a series of enticing singles until his debut solo album “Namrud” was finally released. Smoothly fusing …  ( continue reading

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Losing Language

Curator Ahmed Al-Nawas and Iraqi writer Hassan Blasim  talk the loss of national archives and Blasim’s search for music. Hassan Blasim is a poet, filmmaker and short story writer. He lives in Finland since 2004. His debut short story collection,‘The Madman of Freedom Square’ was published by Comma Press in 2009. It was long-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2010. ‘The Iraqi Christ’,his second collection of short stories were published by Comma Press in 2013 and it won …  ( continue reading

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Rab-Rab: Theories of Improvisation and Capitalism

In which way the improvisation of free jazz detaches from the neo­liberal form of improvisation? Through this question and following discussion, Rab-Rab’s editor­-in­-chief Sezgin Boynik and musician Taneli Viitahuhta will address the relationship between music and politics. Focus will be, among the others, also the confrontation between Johnny Dyani’s and Gavin Bryar’s conception of improvisation. Boynik is the editor­-in­-chief of Rab­Rab: journal for political and formal inquiries in art is an independent journal published bi-annually in Helsinki.  ( continue reading

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Babatunde “Aiyekooto” Akerele in conversation with Ntone Edjabe

Babatunde “Aiyekooto” Akerele leads a Helsinki-based band called Aiyekooto & Afrobeat International. Nigerian born afrobeat musician, composer, arranger and lead singer Babatunde Akerele aka Aiyekooto (b.1966) moved to Finland in 2005, with the assistance of Finnish colleague, guitar player and recording artist Seppo ”Paarma” Salmi. Back in 2003, in Nigeria, they had released a single together, Falana (mind your own business). It got a positive response and radio play on the local stations. When they settled to live in Helsinki, the …  ( continue reading

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Third Space with Sasha Huber

Sasha Huber is a Swiss-Haitian visual artist based in Helsinki who works with performance-based interventions, video, photography, publications, and a compressed-air staple gun – aware of its symbolic significance as a weapon. Her work often draws attention to historic trauma and its ramifications in the present. She is known for her artistic contribution to the long-term project “Demounting Louis Agassiz”, which promotes awareness that the Swiss-born Louis Agassiz (1807-1873) was a proponent of scientific racism, and a pioneering thinker of …  ( continue reading

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Brown Girlhood and the Finish Language

A discussion in poetry and prose on the Finnish language & Brown girlhood between spoken word artists Laura Eklund Nhaga and Eden Gebra and  writer Koko Hubara. Koko Hubara is a Finnish writer and journalist. Her award-winning blog Ruskeat Tytöt (Brown Girls) focuses on matters of gender, race, ethnicity and identity in the Finnish context. Her main aim is to stop the process of dehumanization of racialized people in Finnish politics, media and everyday life.    ( continue reading

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Rab-Rab: the legacy of Amiri Baraka a talk by Sezgin Boynik

By discussing the political core of “blues form”, which Baraka defines as the artistic and cultural expression of resistance of African-Americans, Sezgin Boynik will show in which way this form has influenced the historical-materialist and internationalist understanding of free jazz. Archie Shepp, Jayne Cortez, Jean-Louis Comolli, Horace Campbell, Frank Kofsky, George H. Lewis and Zora Neale Hurston will be names of the programme. Boynik is the editor­-in­-chief of Rab­-Rab: journal for political and formal inquiries in art is an independent …  ( continue reading

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