Astro Bwoy

Astro Bwoy ( Departure Lounge & Astrojazz, UK ) live on PASS radio


(Parts 1& 2: Some unreleasables from Biggabush and Hi-fi. And the Biyong classic. check!)

OK folks, kicking off the Scotch interruption to PASS we’re back to Twarag roots….chilled biznizz…Its gonna be a journey now just sit back and let it wash.

Oumou Sangare.
Rokia Traore. Tune is Mariama
Chilled…..still mali and theres UFOs over Bamako with this remix of Vieux Farka Toure…check the album
Into the distant future now…hot dubstep from Holland in the shape of Martyn, tune is Natural Selection
That was TRG with Broken Heart. Seriously forward stuff.
Strong Eastern influences here with Gatekeeper and the tune Tin Foil Sky. Healthy!
Shout if you dig it!
Local gear…Kalahari Surfers
Exclusive form Lightning Head AKA Biggabush
That was “power of the great”. More Lightning Head here – Hi’Life Music
Soulful Afrobeat now – Franck Biyong “Power of Brain”. Departure Lounge Classic!!!
Alright managed to get my laptop hooked into the mains, was looking a bit sketchy there for a while. That was a dude called Siji and this is Minimoogli out of France: A Funk For Fela
Some old school nigerian disco now courtesy of the wicked Soundway Records. This is Take Your Soul by the Saharan All-Stars. Bo!
More reissue funk from the early seventies. Disco Africa by the Ogyatanaa Show Band. Heavy afro-funk!!!! Check Soundway Records for more
Mista President – The Souljazz Orchestra
Soothsayers – Blinded Souls, from London
Moving on…the king Tony Allen off his last album, this is One Tree. Feel the vibes!!!

Mungo’s Hi-Fi Selection…
Belly Ska ft. MC Ishu
Divorce a l’Italianne
How Bad You So ft. Rankin Joe
Old Time Dance

Lightning Head – Area Boy
MC Gringo – Alemao (Todla T Mix)
Black Dillinger – Big Trouble
Kero One & Rashaan Ahmad – Here We Go
Grooveman Spot ft Hunger and Raythought – My Mind

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time…peace!


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