‘ardkore live @ PASS

The ‘ardkore assault team takes to the airwaves once more to delight and disturb you.


Navigating the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, will be:
Tarquin Lessing
Bruno Morphet
Martin Sims
Expect deep-dub-electro-jazz-bass-tech-hop with bleeps, sweeps and the odd crooner classic straight out of the fifth dimension. Join in the jam session at 44 long street.

For more info on ‘ardkore please visit: liquidfridge.co.za


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

    - brendon the mando hacker
  2. Surgeon – screw the roses
    H likes it ‘ard

    PASS ( update )
    • good to hear ‘ard back to life again!

      - micro
    • The grim start to the evening was titled “Béla’s Undead” – as in Béla Lugosi, best known for playing Count Dracula, not to be confused with the tween vampire romance Bella. Borrowed from the excellent Bauhaus track, Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

      The tracks:

      Ennio Morricone – Man With A Harmonica (Once Upon A Time In The West OST, RCA, 1969)
      Kode9 + The Space Ape – Kingstown (Dub) (Kingstown, Hyperdub, 2005)
      Shackleton – I Want To Eat You (I Want To Eat You / Hummdrumm, Mordant Music, 2006)
      Vex’d – Out Of The Hills (Cloud Seed, Planet Mu, 2010)
      Hans Zimmer – The Capponi Library (Hannibal OST, Decca, 2001)
      Armour – Iron Man (Iron Man / Nightmarez, Tectonic, 2006)
      Goth-Trad – Loop Of The Trip (Mad Raver’s Dance Floor, Popgroup Recordings, 2005)
      µ-Ziq – The Wailing Song (In Pine Effect, Hi-Rise Recordings, 1995)
      Whitehouse – Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets (Asceticists 2006, Susan Lawly, 2006)
      Surgeon – Shaper Of The Unknown (Screw The Roses, Counterbalance, 2001)
      Surgeon – Another Body (Screw The Roses, Counterbalance, 2001)
      Grovskopa – Ragnarök (Mika Et Al, Audio Assault, 2006)
      Surgeon – Prowler (Screw The Roses, Counterbalance, 2001)
      British Murder Boys (BMB2 – Learn Your Lesson, Counterbalance, 2003)
      Aphex Twin – Untitled (Track 4) (Selected Ambient Works Volume II, Warp, 1994)
      Beaumont Hannant – Killing Fields (Sculptured, General Production Recordings, 1994)
      Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel (Anvil Vapre, Warp, 1995)

      Rest in peace.

      - h.
  3. can you heeeeeeeeeear me……dooof dooof doooof :)

    - brendon the mando hacker
  4. right you were right hein… ard as nails!

    - neo
  5. Well hard… tracklist to follow.

    Next up, Tarquin.

    PASS ( update )
  6. ps. is this even legal on a monday??

    - neo
    • Unlikely

      PASS ( update )
  7. oooooooh thats nice!!!! CY CY CY!!

    - brendon the mando hacker
  8. Breakbeat hardcore… old school!

    PASS ( update )
  9. Whistle crew where are you?

    PASS ( update )
  10. In da house…okay, it’s not House but i can relate. It’s in an adjacent room.

    - Audiodramatist
  11. ello ello vat gaan hier aan!!!

    - sersant sap
    • Blast from the past…

      PASS ( update )
  12. Where’s da shroons?

    - Audiodramatist
  13. Ah-h-h-h…Shi-i-it…

    Hold up, gotta roll da rug up.

    - Audiodramatist
  14. Back to the phuture… spiralling out of control!

    Stand by for Martin.

    PASS ( update )
  15. Martin going ultra-deep

    PASS ( update )
  16. They called it acieeed..

    PASS ( update )
  17. Big up Pev+Appleblim. Bristol crew locked on.

    - basti
  18. Good night.

    PASS ( update )
  19. PASS ( update )


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